Alberta Petroleum Storage Systems Contractor's Association

Meeting Minutes

Director Meetings

APSSCA Directors meet at least once a year to discuss business activities.  Please check back occasionally to keep informed of local and national contractor points of interest.

Directors Meeting  Minutes May 2, 2014

Directors Meeting Minutes June 4 2014

Directors Meeting Minutes Jan 15, 2015

Directors Meeting Minutes Mar 5, 2015

Directors Meeting Minutes April 9, 2015

Directors Meeting  Minutes Nov 26, 2015

Directors Meeting  Minutes-March-31-2016

Directors Meeting December 7, 2016 Minutes

Directors Meeting February 10, 2017 Minutes

Directors Meeting May 4, 2017 Minutes

Directors Meeting March 22, 2018 Minutes

Directors Meeting May 10, 2018 Minutes

Directors Meeting April 18, 2019 Minutes

Director Meeting  March 24, 2020 Minutes

Director Meeting  April 30, 2021 Minutes

Director Meeting  December 16, 2021 Minutes

Director Meeting March 17, 2022, Minutes

Director Meeting  January 11, 2023 Minutes

Director Meeting March-28-2023-Minutes

Director Meeting Minutes May 10, 2023

All members are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Annual General Meeting. In normal times these meetings are held to coordinate with Petroleum Mechanic Review and Exams and with our annual golf tournament. In 2021 the meeting was held virtually on June 24th.

Last AGM Minutes – AGM Minutes 31 May 2023