Alberta Petroleum Storage Systems Contractor's Association

About Us

The Alberta Storage System’s Contractor’s Association (A.P.S.S.C.A.) is an association consisting primarily of Active members who are contractors conducting business in the tank and piping industry. The Association also has Associate Members that are made up of interested and related businesses (equipment suppliers and manufactures, consultants, and government representatives). See our Membership List for a list of our members and our Service Directory for lists of services they provide.

The initial mandate for the organization was to respond to the revised Fire Code in 1992. It stated that “only approved personnel are permitted to install, test, maintain, alter, upgrade, remove or dispose of storage tank systems identified in this part.” Our mandate from inception was to formulate a definition for “approved personnel.” The next step was to define and implement a training system that would assist an individual to become “approved.”

Other Objectives:

  • Education and Training
  • Newsletters
  • Bulletins on New Product Information
  • Safety Issues
  • Disciplinary Measures
  • Peer Evaluations
  • Working with Alberta Municipal Affairs/Alberta Environment
  • Unified Voice for Lobbying Government
  • Influence on New Legislation
  • Annual Meeting and Seminars
  • Social Functions
  • Problem Sharing and Discussions

We have not strayed from our original mandate. We successfully negotiated with the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta (who was the main authority for storage tank regulation) for a fair structure for approval, and subsequently for renewal. That objective will remain with the new storage tank authority,  Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA). We work closely with the Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association (CPCA) to provide training and certification for Alberta contractors doing tank and piping installation, removal, maintenance and testing. We have a renewed initiative to keep our members aware of technical and regulatory developments in the industry. We host an annual meeting to keep our corporate obligations current but also to share industry information through guest speakers. As part of our annual meeting, we host a golf tournament which is a tremendous opportunity for our members to share information about their own products and services.